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Sometimes, I flashback to the waiting room. I remember every piece of furniture in that place so vividly. It was a purple and green mix of shapes over black vinyl. Rush hospital, 16th floor. I spent so much time in that place planning for the future, I never considered the fact that it might all end abruptly. It did.

I’ll be working, and all of a sudden, it’ll hit me. The smell of the place. The way she couldn’t talk near the end. It broke my heart to think that a woman that had such a beautiful voice for most of her life and the entirety of mine had it ripped away from her near the end. It angers me. I can’t shake it. 

If I think about what happened for more than two minutes, I find a reason to cry. My mouth hangs slack, and I feel the tears welling up in my eyes, so I try to force myself back into the moment. The feel of the trade tickets in my hand. The way my socks feel against my feet. The tired songs that play day after day over my coworker’s Pandora station… Anything. 

I just hope I can manage by August. I miss her. 


Testopolis 2: The reckoning

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Testopolis 2: The reckoning


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Surprisngly Big Day of Stuff

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My ill-fated interview with Jerry “The King” Lawler premeires on Pads & Panels today (in which I refer to myself as Mighty Ink Comics). It’s still pretty cool as Bill takes the ball, runs with it, turns it sideways, shines it, etc… I’m sure we’ll assault you with links today, so stay tuned!

Happy Days

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Tomorrow’s April 1st, which means it’s time to pull awesome pranks on friends and family alike. What will I do…to for our loyal readers reader?

Been A While…

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I’ve had plenty of great opportunities lately, thanks to Archie and Bill.  Most recently, Bill and I stumbled upon a pretty neat story idea that we’d like to flesh out. The only problem is, where do we fit plotting into the day-to-day stuff with our respective sites.

As it is, I already got a TON to do for both Pads & MIC. Once again, I will never complain about reviewing games and writing comics. It just feels…dirty. Meanwhile May 20th draws near, and Operation: Marriage will commence. Looking forward to the mini-comic the wifey and I are putting together, and I’ll make sure to post pics either here or on the main site.

The Rise of ANUBIS: Chapter 3

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            The next evening, Greg decided to take Roxy to see a movie.  As they’d done many times before, they stopped for a bite to eat before the show, and laughed heartily during one of their patented “had to be there” conversations.  Later, both of them would swear it was the funniest conversation they’d ever had.

            The movie, Stock Room, was action packed and riddled with plot holes big enough to put a finger through.  They’d quietly comment back and forth like two film critics.  Suddenly, near the end of the film, the most disturbing noise came from the back row…


            Roxy jabbed Greg with a hard elbow to the ribs.

            “See,” Roxy said smiling widely and shaking her head. “THIS is why we wait until movies come out on DVD.” Opening his mouth to respond, Greg instead yawned silently, ultimately stretching his mouth so wide, it resembled a lion’s.  He groggily clicked his tongue and mumbled, “wuzzint sleep, just blinked hard.”

            “That was one heck of a blink, sleepy bear.  Let’s go.  Movie’s almost done anyway.”

            Greg’s head slowly slumped to his chest as he said, “Nothin’s over, just gimme sumthin…zzzzz…”

            “SHHH!” came the loud hiss from the only other person in the theater, an elderly woman with glasses so thick they could have been used as projector lenses.  Greg snapped awake and looked at Roxy as they shared another “had to be there.”

            Walking out of the theater, Greg almost in tears said, “I wonder if her prescription would count as ‘Magoo Strength.'”  The two burst into laughter for, what they didn’t know, would be the final time that evening.  That last laugh was cut even shorter by the sound of Greg’s cellphone.

            “Umm,” Roxy began, still giggling. “Your ringtone is Melissa Ethridge? You know that’s not ‘muy macho’ right?”

“I…haven’t figured out how to change it yet,” he fibbed as he checked the caller I.D.

“Yeah ok,” Roxy said as she rolled her eyes.

Greg smiled, but his mood changed suddenly.  “What’s wrong,” Roxy asked. The number on the phone’s screen was unfamiliar to him, but he had an idea who it was.

“Davis,” Greg said as he answered the call. “I won’t even ask how you got this number.”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to cut date night short,” said Arsinal. “I just got a lead on the police band.  Possible ANIBUS sighting. How soon can you be here?”

“Half an hour.”

“Priorities, Mighty Lightning.  Don’t delay.”


Greg turned towards Roxy, and put on his best fake smile.


“Work,” he replied deflated.

“Okay, I’ll grab a taxi, and…”

“No, I’ll give you a ride home first.  Priorities, darlin’…”